I am a 57 year old recently retired electrical engineer who discovered last year that his interests in running and sandal-making had finally overtaken his career interests.

Twenty years of frugal living made the transition easy. In 30 days time I went from living on Capitol Hill to stepping onto an airplane bound for Mexico City. And I’ve never looked back.

I am not rich but I am financially independent. My needs are very simple: shelter, good food, books to read, a place to write, and a few beers to drink at the end of the day. The few possessions I own can be packed into two small bags.


I have been blessed with having lived an interesting life. I have traveled 6 continents, written a novel, eaten at many fine tables, and shared a few fine moments with some truly extraordinary people. I subscribe to the notion that there is a Creator and subsequently believe that for a human to create is to participate in the divine.

Questions/Comments? Email me sahara.sandals@yahoo.com